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Our team has been fully trained and certified in specialist integrated pest management. We remain ready to answer all your questions and provide the highest quality service for all our valued clients.

EcTerCon Treats All Wood Destroying Organisms

Dry Wood Termites

Fungal Decay

Powder Post Beetle

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean and Arboreal Termite species live in colonies that comprise a highly organised force of hundreds of thousands of extremely efficient workers, that can cause damage at an alarming rate. Any structure within an approximate radius of  100 metres, is fair game for these relentless marauders. They like cool, damp conditions. The rainflies that emerge late in the afternoon on rainy days are the young reproductives, swarming to pair-off and start new colonies.

Dry Wood Termites

Dry Wood Termites by contrast, live in very small colonies that may never at any time exceed 30 or so individuals and they like very dry conditions, encrypting themselves in furniture or structural timbers. Due to the extremely low colony numbers, a pocket of infestation can take a very long time to do any observable damage. While this may seem like good news, left unchecked, the problem will spread throughout a building.

Powder Post Beetle

Powder Post Beetles have become quite a common pest, mainly infesting cupboards and cabinets. These beetles do not attack the wood as a food source, but as a repository for their eggs, which hatch and the larvae bore into the wood and pupates, emerging as an adult only to repeat the cycle. Not having done any lateral damage to the wood like termites, it is their emergence hole and the powdery dust they produce that are the problems.

Fungal Decay

Fungal Decay is always preempted by the incursion of water. Any timbers that are constantly exposed to leaks in the roof or plumbing or direct weathering, will have a high moisture content that will promote fungal growth. This can take on different appearances but will usually be identifiable by discolouration of the wood, which becomes soft and spongy over time.

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“Mr. Anthony Rostant has undertaken several jobs for the Hotel Normandie and my other companies for the past 10 years. It’s a privilege for me to personally testify to his competence, reliability and trustworthiness in all our relationships.

Just try his service and share my pleasant experience.”

Fred Chin Lee, Director at Hotel Normandie

“The (Industrial Court) Library’s collection consisted of some 13,000 bound volumes . . . infested by silverfish, with a new problem of mold. Mr. Rostant’s company was selected because he understood exactly what we required. To date (4 years after) there has been no recurrence  . . .”

Sheera B., Librarian II

I was very satisfied with the technician’s ability to efficiently carry out the treatments, around the construction works (without hindering progress).”

Engineering Technician, Tacarigua

“We tried all the usual pest control options with varying degrees of success, however the very personalised service from EcTerCon has made them our new go-to for any kind of termite problem.”

Maya R., Santa Cruz

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